About Me

The Reader and The Writer

I've always loved non-fiction. When I was a boy, I was obsessed with learning. I'd often go to the local library with my father and bring home stacks of books on lions, dinosaurs, sports figures, and various wars. My love for fiction, however, didn't grow until I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. That book sparked an interest not only in reading, but writing as well.

Today, I write among multiple age categories and genres:

  • Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Middle Grade Science Fiction
  • Young Adult Fantasy
  • Young Adult Science Fiction
  • Adult Science Fiction

I am currently working on a project named DOWNFALL: AMONG SERPENTS. 

PITCH for DOWNFALL:  To regain the status he needs to challenge his father’s murderer, sixteen-year-old Conrad must lead a skyship of backstabbing teenagers in a competitive hunt of massive, genetically-engineered beasts. 

I am also hard at work on a crossover YA/Adult Science Fiction project named SICO and have begun drafting a Middle Grade Fantasy named ALTON BAKER: THE LEGEND OF PUMPKINSTEW ACADEMY.

Hopefully, you will be able to find my work on shelves soon.

I am represented by Heather Cashman of Storm Literary.